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Managed Detection: Getting Started with Managed Detection

Managed Detection: Getting Started with Managed Detection


  • Carbon Black Cloud Console: All Versions
    • Managed Detection (was CB ThreatSight)


How to get started with Managed Detection


CB ThreatSight: With What Carbon Black Products Can ThreatSight Be Used?
Managed Detection: Where can the SLA and SLO be Found?

CB ThreatSight: Are events monitored 24/7?
CB ThreatSight: What Alert Severities are Analyzed and Reported on?
CB ThreatSight: Do Alerts Show in the Console as Being Reviewed?
CB ThreatSight: Will the ThreatSight Team Still Review an Alert if it has been Dismissed?
CB ThreatSight: Does Enabling Private Logging Cause the Sent Alerts to Contain Less Information?
CB ThreatSight: Can Role-Based Access Control Prevent a User from Viewing a ThreatSight Alert?

Notifications - General
CB ThreatSight: How to Add an Email Address via the Console
CB ThreatSight: Are ThreatSight Notifications Provided in the Console in Addition to Email?
CB ThreatSight: Can ThreatSight Send an Alert Notification to a SIEM?

Notifications - Email
CB ThreatSight: How to Enable Alerts via the Console
CB ThreatSight: How to Change the Email Address Used for Alerts if Enrolled in the ThreatSight Servi...
CB ThreatSight: Receiving Alerts to an Email not Added to the Console

Notifications - Reports
CB ThreatSight: How to Enable Monthly Report Emails via the Console
CB ThreatSight: When is the Monthly Report Email Sent Out?
CB ThreatSight: Can the Date on when the Monthly Report is Sent Out be Changed?
CB ThreatSight: How to Differentiate ThreatSight Reports for Multiple Orgs
CB ThreatSight: How to remove repeat results from trusted processes/files

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