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PSC: How to Upgrade Windows Sensors using GPO

PSC: How to Upgrade Windows Sensors using GPO


  • CB Defense PSC Console: All Versions
  • CB Defense PSC Sensor: All Versions
  • Microsoft Windows: All Supported Versions
  • Group Policy Object Editor


How to upgrade PSC Defense Sensors for Windows machines using Group Policy Object (GPO)


  1. If upgrading from 3.2.x.x see steps in PSC: GPO upgrade fails on Sensor version 3.2.x.x If upgrading from 3.3 and above then skip this step and go to step 2.
  2. To upgrade to a newer version, the existing sensor has to be removed from the current Group Policy.  For information about how to do this see PSC: How to Configure GPO to Allow Sensor Upgrades and complete those steps to remove the sensor from the Group Policy.
  3. Force a Group Policy update on all machines before proceeding to update the sensor
  4. The new sensor can be installed from either a new Group Policy or the existing one that the previously installed sensor was removed from.
  5. The steps to upgrade are identical to the steps for a new Group Policy install or depoyment so please refer to the PSC: How to Deploy Windows Sensors using GPO to add the new sensor software installation package

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