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Response Sensor upgrades will not set to Always Latest

Response Sensor upgrades will not set to Always Latest

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On of two situations are seen.

1) Sensor group is set to manual, but the sensors are getting upgraded to the latest version

2) Sensor group is set to "Always Latest" and after saving the settings still show "Manual"

The UI is rendering the group setting incorrectly. This is only incorrect for the "Always Latest". All other settings will show correctly in the UI.


Since this is only a rendering issue, the correct selection is updated in the postgres table.

Per issue:

1) Re-save the sensor group setting to manual.

2) Saving as "Always Latest" will update in the table.

How to Confirm the setting is correct:

# psql -d cb -p 5002 -c 'Select name,sensor_version from sensor_groups';

Output Meaning for the Sensor_Version column:

Blank - Always Latest

Manual - Manual

Version Specific - (example)

Important Note(s)

This has been fixed for the 5.2 release. CB-8217 for reference.

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