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SID for the Service Account was not found

SID for the Service Account was not found





Creating a custom rule and applying to a specific user but receiving an error.


Error on the console when saving the rule is “SID for the Service Account was not found”


The account specified is a local user account created on the endpoint.


The field for specifying a user is for Active Directory user/group only. It can't be a locally created user account. The Bit9 Server service account can't get the SID for that locally created user account. It shows on the console for auto-fill because the user name was reported before by the Bit9 agent. However, we don't have the SID for it, and the Bit9 agent will not be able to get the SID because it's not an Active Directory account. The "Specific User or Group" field is for AD user or AD group only.

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