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Sensor upgrade using SCCM for Carbon Black 4.x to 5.0 fails.

Sensor upgrade using SCCM for Carbon Black 4.x to 5.0 fails.



v 4.x




SCCM upgrade of Carbon Black on previously installed sensor agents fails.




Carbon Black installation never appears to start when attempting to upgrade.




The .msi package is unable to over-write the existing sensor installation package, so it appears to fail before it starts.




In order for the Carbon Black installation to over-write the existing installation, you must use the following switches to correct the issue:

msiexec /fa cbsetup.msi /qn


Important Note(s)


  1. The CB sensor upgrade utility in the console is the recommended as the best and most effective way to upgrade the carbon black sensors. The utility is designed to work and should not have a problem upgrading the sensors.
  2. If you must use another method for upgrade, the CB package has an issue with overwriting the current cb file information on the agent, so our developers have suggested the work around of running the upgrade with the following switches. This format will completely install the new .msi package over the top of an existing installation.
    msiexec /fa cbsetup.msi /qn
  3. The /fa flag will force the MSI to overwrite the previous C:\Program Files\CarbonBlack\GPOInstaller\CarbonBlackClientSetup.exe with the latest one and then execute it.
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