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Server Communication Status shows error and future timestamp

Server Communication Status shows error and future timestamp


Cb Response 5.x and 6.x


Error code: XXX at <Future Date> being shown in the Server Communication Status section of the Server Dashboard


The XXX error code number depends on the failure and may need investigation, however, the <Future Date> timestamp is cause for concern since that timestamp is taken from the server (master in a cluster) and it will not clear until the <Future Date> has passed.


Issue caused by incorrect Response server/cluster timestamp.  It is critically important for the server/cluster to maintain correct time.


Cleanly stop the Response server/cluster and update the server (master and minions in case of a cluster) time if it is not correct.  We recommend that the servers been time synced via ntp. 

To clear the future date error, execute the following as root on the Response server (against master in a cluster), the servers must be running prior to executing this:

psql -d cb -p 5002 -c "delete from allianceclient_comm_history where timestamp>now()"

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