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Server patch upgrade failed

Server patch upgrade failed





Server patch upgrade failed.



Upgrade log shows the following error message:


UPGRADEDB: Sqlcmd: Error: Microsoft SQL Server Native Client 10.0 : Unable to complete login process due to delay in opening server connection.


UPGRADEDB: A critical database script (migrate.sql) needed to install Bit9 Server failed.



Database permission and/or network connection to the SQL server.



  • On the Bit9 server, go to %Program Files%\Bit9\Parity Server folder and open the shepherd.dsn on a notepad. Check the user account set there. If it's set to Windows Authentication, then the user account logged in is having a problem connecting to SQL. If it's set to a SQL account, then it's that SA account that has a problem connecting to SQL. Required permissions are listed on solution 'Bit9 service account permissions'.
  • Please note that 7.2 enforces that all required permission are present, so this account may have worked in the past but not for 7.2 if any permission is missing.
  • If all of those permissions are set, check the network connection between the Bit9 server and the SQL server.
  • Please check too that the SQL Server service is running. If it’s on a 2-tier set up, please check that the SQL Server Browser service is also running.
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