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Trusted Directories Stuck as "Verifying"

Trusted Directories Stuck as "Verifying"


  • Cb Protection 8.x
  • Microsoft Windows (Multiple Versions)


  • Trusted directories that are either new or edited show as "Verifying" for a long period of time.
  • Trusted directory approvals function as normal in this state.


The cause for this is a filter that is excluding the event from processing from the agent. Specifically an exclude_eventcodes=1080:0 property which some users have added to reduce session change events.


1. In a web browser navigate to https://SERVERNAME/agent_config.php

2. Add a filter for Value contains exclude_eventcodes

3. Temporarily disable the exclude_eventcodes=1080:0 configuration.

4. Once the Trusted Directory has finished verifying, this configuration can be re-enabled.

Additional Notes

A code change has been filed to change this filter logic. Please see EP-4071 in future release notes.

If the value for 'exclude_eventcode' is 1080:0:0, then update the value to be 1080:0 and SAVE.

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