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Trusted Updater and ATI rollback

Trusted Updater and ATI rollback

By attaching the Bit9 Platform server to the Software Reputation Service (SRS) we are able to send new Trusted Updaters and Advanced Threat Indicators (ATIs) down to the console so customers always have the latest and greatest.


Due to an error in our versioning table, we noticed that a few weeks ago, we sent Updaters and ATIs to server versions that would be unable to use them.  We are going to send a subsequent update to undo this for the affected servers.  Affected versions are 7.0.0.all and 7.0.1 earlier than Patch 14.


If you have the Alert configured to send an email when an Updater or ATI is updated, you will receive that alert for these deletions.  No further action is necessary.


The delete will be pushed starting on 03JUN2015.

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