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Unable to change Site name in the UI

Unable to change Site name in the UI


All versions of Cb Response.


From Administration -> Settings -> Sites, there is no method to change the name of a "Site" from the UI.


The Site object needs to be updated manually by updating the Postgres database on the Carbon Black server. To do this perform the following:

  1. 1. Collect the <id> of the relevant site that needs to be updated:
    psql -d cb -p 5002 -c "select * from sensor_sites;"
  2. Rename the Site by the ID above:
    psql -d cb -p 5002 -c "update sensor_sites set name='<NEW NAME>' where id=<ID>;"

There is no need to restart anything. Refresh the page in the UI and confirm the Site no longer exists.  Engineering is aware this functionality does not exist within the UI.

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