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Values of 'Config List' when running 'dascli status' command

Values of 'Config List' when running 'dascli status' command



Values of 'Config List' when running 'dascli status' command

When running 'dascli status' command, in the 'Server Information' section what do the values shown for 'Config List' mean?
Config List: 1188 of 0 (100%)

Answer 1

In the example above, the first value of 1188 is determined by the installer file for the agent. Meaning, when the agent is first installed it will have a CL version of 1188. The first number is what the agent believes it's CL version should be.
The second number is what the Bit9 server believes the CL version should be. When the second value is 0, this indicates that the agent has recently been installed and the server has not sent any CL updates to the agent.
The second value will remain 0 until the Bit9 server sends its first CL update to the agent. After that time the second value will not go back to 0.
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