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Windows XP keeps rebooting after installing Bit9 Agent

Windows XP keeps rebooting after installing Bit9 Agent


6.0.2.x and 7.x.



Windows XP machine keeps restarting after installing the Bit9 Agent and logging back in.



Windows XP requires a reboot after completing the Bit9 Agent installation. After the initial reboot and entering the log in credentials, the machine continued to keep restarting. Dump file shows NO_MORE_IRP_STACK_LOCATIONS.



There's a limitation of 3 filter drivers that can be loaded on the Windows XP machine. There were already other applications loading filter drivers on the system. Adding Bit9's filter driver caused the system to go over the limit.



Windows XP has a limit of only 3 filter drivers running at the same time. This limitation is controlled by Mup.sys driver (part of XP). The Mup.sys driver handles Distributed File System (DFS) file I/O requests. If there are four or more file system filter drivers, the I/O request packet (IRP) location buffer that is pre-allocated by Mup.sys will overflow and causes a crash or restart. This Microsoft Support article shows the steps on how to increase the limit on the number of filter drivers that can run on Windows XP at the same time.

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