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EDR: What Functionality Remains After the License Expires?

Submitted by CB_Support 4 hours ago

EnvironmentEDR Servers: All versions (on premise only) QuestionWhat functionality remains after th...


App Control: How To Verify Wildcards and Macros In Paths

Submitted by CB_Support Friday

EnvironmentApp Control Agent: All Supported VersionsApp Control Console: All Supported Versions Obj...

App Control

EDR: Deploying OSX Sensors via Jamf to Older MacOS

Submitted by CB_Support Thursday

EnvironmentEDR macOS Sensor: 7.x macOS: Mojave (10.14), Catalina (10.15) ObjectiveHow to deploy 7.x...


EDR: An Unexpected Error When Toggling Ignore This Report

Submitted by CB_Support Wednesday

EnvironmentEDR Server: All VersionsEDR Console: All VersionsLinux: All Supported Versions SymptomsA...

EDR Hosted EDR

App Control: Multiple Files Name are Blocked or Banned but Detected with Same Hash Value

Submitted by CB_Support Tuesday

EnvironmentApp Control Console: All Supported Versions SymptomsGetting blocks or ban events from mu...

App Control

All Products: Why Does the macOS Hostname Automatically Change?

Submitted by CB_Support Tuesday

EnvironmentAll ProductsmacOS: All Supported Versions QuestionWhy does the hostname reported change ...

App Control

Carbon Black Cloud: Is Live Query Search Case Sensitive?

Submitted by CB_Support 2 weeks ago

EnvironmentCarbon Black Cloud Console: 0.38 Release and higher Audit and Remediation Carbon Black ...

Audit and Remediation Carbon Black Cloud

EDR: Systemctl Status Cbdaemon Displays Invalid Date

Submitted by CB_Support 2 weeks ago

EnvironmentEDR Linux Sensor: 7.1.1RHEL/Centos: 8.x Symptomssystemctl status cbdaemon displays inval...


EDR: How To Obtain and Validate a JamF/MDM mobileconfig File

Submitted by CB_Support 2 weeks ago

EnvironmentEDR Server: All VersionsMDM Servers: All versions configured to manage EDR Mac Sensors O...

Hosted EDR

App Control: How to Shrink the Das Database After Filenames-Pathnames Offline Pruning

Submitted by CB_Support 2 weeks ago

EnvironmentApp Control Server: All VersionsMicrosoft SQL Server: All Versions ObjectiveHow to shrin...