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Hardware Inventory

Description: Hardware inventory.

What The Data Shows: Can assist with help desk calls.


SELECT hostname,hardware_vendor, 
FROM system_info;
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Community Manager
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I need a similar list - all computers running CB, but I need the MAC addresses.  I'm assuming this requires a "join" between the "system_info" and "interface_details" tables.  Sorry - but I haven't done SQL in years (okay - decades!), so I'm wondering if you can drop the SQL code to run this same query, but include the MAC?

Thanks in advance....


Carbon Black Employee

@mschalip The problem with trying to do that is identifying which interface you want the MAC for. On my Mac there are 12 unique MAC address of type "6" when I look at interface_details. On a Windows VM I just have 2. Still we would need to identify the MAC you would need, but I am not sure how to do that. If we could then the JOIN would be trvial.

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@jnelson - point taken.  I'm clearly oversimplifying.  At this point, I'm just interested in the 95% - the everyday desktops/workstations/laptops - hopefully, one client with one primary NIC. (We'll deal with servers/multiNICs later....)  

I think I found a way to get what I needed - I cannibalized one of your examples from the "library", and ran it against "system_info" and "interface_details" separately.  Not the most elegant of solutions - but it'll suffice for now.  

I'll pull the queries that I used and post them here....