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SMB named pipe based C2/LM activity indicator

Description: This query looks for the default named pipes used by the most common C2/LM tools. 

What The Data Shows: It provides visibility on to the processes which are known to utilise named pipes used by most common C2/LM tools. 

Currently this flags existence of default SMB pipes used by for Metasploit, PsExec, Remcom, Covenant, CobaltStrike , CSEXEC, PoshC2 and EmpirePS. 

SQL:   SELECT * from pipes WHERE name LIKE 'psexesvc%' OR name LIKE 'remcom%' OR name LIKE 'gruntsvc%' OR name LIKE 'msagent%' OR name LIKE 'status%' OR name LIKE 'csexecsvc%' OR name LIKE 'TestSVC%' OR name LIKE 'jaccdpqnvbrrxlaf' OR name LIKE 'Posh%';



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Status changed to: Approved
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I've updated to include PoshC2 :)

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Is there a way to detect this using carbon black watchlist ?

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@LazadaSecOps if you are using Carbon Black EDR (CB Response), on-prem or cloud, then you could find all named pipes with:


You could then add addition logic to that query to achieve what is shown in this post.

If you are using Carbon Black Enterprise EDR (CB THreathunter), then named pipes are not currently tracked, but should be coming soon.