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Status of Windows Defender firewall

Description: Status of Windows Defender firewall.

What The Data Shows: This query can assist in compliance audits.


SELECT display_name,status,start_type 
FROM services
WHERE LOWER(name) = "mpssvc";



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Community Manager
Community Manager
Status changed to: Approved
New Contributor II

Query would not run as provided without removing the extra set of quotes around "mpssvc"


Community Manager
Community Manager

@gramajoma - thx for the heads up, the query has been updated.

New Contributor

Where is this run from?

When I run it from SQL Server Mgmt Studio, I get 'Invalid object name 'services''.

And, it will not run at the endpt cli

New Contributor II

@archimedes91 this is a Carbon Black LiveOps query. You'll need that add-on to CB Defense to run it from your predictive security cloud instance.