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Windows with WSL enabled

Description: This query looks for Windows endpoints with WSL feature enabled

What The Data Shows: It provides the list of endpoints with WSL enabled. Some Linux malwares can now infect Windows OS from WSL.

SQL: SELECT * FROM windows_optional_features WHERE name = 'Microsoft-Windows-Subsystem-Linux' AND state = 1

> Requirement: Windows only

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Carbon Black Employee

Jon N. made some changes to detect if it was running currently:


with p as (
            when count(name) > 0
            then 'TRUE'
            when count(name) = 0 
            then 'FALSE'
        end 'wsl_running',
    1 as 'one'
    from processes 
    where name 
        in ('wsl.exe','wslhost.exe')
wof as (
    select *,
        case statename
            when 'Enabled'
            then 'TRUE'
            when 'Disabled'
            then 'FALSE'
        end 'wsl_enabled',
        1 as 'one' 
    from windows_optional_features as wof
    where name = 'Microsoft-Windows-Subsystem-Linux' 
        and state = 1
from wof
join p using(one);
Carbon Black Employee
Status changed to: Approved