Release notes highlights

Release notes highlights

  • The September 27, 2021 console release is primarily a maintenance release. Please see the list of fixed issues for details. There are no functional changes.

  • The September 17, 2021 console release includes the following updates:
    • Improved summaries of search results on the Investigate Page.
    • Default time range setting change for V6 Alerts API.
    • New Bulletin threat report type for earlier notification of emerging threats.
    • New controls to make sure that activity within the environment can be monitored centrally, correlated with other activity, and analyzed to identify potential risks as part of FedRAMP Requirements.
    • UI improvements to Alerts.
    • Various bug fixes.
  • macOS version sensor is a generally available release. It includes:

    • macOS 10.15 support
    • Ending support for macOS 10.14
    • Apple Silicon support
    • macOS Monterey support
  • The Windows sensor updates osqueryi.exe to version 4.8.0 and includes various bug fixes and improvements.

  • Linux sensor version 2.11.3 includes support for installing the sensor on Ubuntu 21 and major improvements/bug fixes.


I can see 'January 20, 2021 console release' in release note highlights, but I cannot seem to find the release note for January 20 itself.

Can you post a link to the said release note and/or look into the issue?


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