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2018 Carbon Black Holiday Threat Report

2018 Carbon Black Holiday Threat Report

According to the Carbon Black Threat Analysis Unit (TAU), organizations should expect to see a spike in potential cyberattacks starting with Black Friday/Cyber Monday and continuing through the holiday shopping season.

TAU’s analysis across Carbon Black’s global endpoint footprint - totaling more than 16 million endpoints - reveals that global organizations encountered a 57.5% increase in attempted cyberattacks during the 2017 holiday shopping season. During a similar time period in 2016, attempted cyberattacks increased above normal levels by 20.5%.

Following the Thanksgiving holiday, notable cybersecurity alerts spiked on Black Friday/Cyber Monday in 2017 and remained at elevated levels through the new year. Interestingly, the highest spike during the 2017 holiday shopping season occurred in the days following Christmas Day, when consumers are looking to take advantage of post-holiday shopping deals.

Download your copy of the 2018 Carbon Black Holiday Threat Report to learn more about the challenges you may face during the holiday season, and the best ways to detect and deter holiday attackers.

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