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Claim your free VMworld 2020 ticket now for a completely digital experience to learn about how VMware Carbon Black can protect you from sophisticated threats.

Agenda released for Virtual Connect 2020!

Agenda released for Virtual Connect 2020!

Hello Folks,

I wanted to highlight the Threat Landscape sessions that were just posted.  Remember, the event is now virtual and is completely FREE!

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See full agenda!

Threat Landscape sessions

Emerging Cybersecurity Threats & Lessons from COVID-19

Speaker: Mark Sangster, VP Industry Security Strategies at eSentire 
Speaker: Andrew Costis, Threat Researcher at VMware Carbon Black

Join Mark and Andrew for a discussion on emerging cybersecurity lessons from the COVID-19 crisis and how we should respond. When a business is distracted it is inevitable that bad actors will take advantage of gaps in our defenses with a more distributed workforce. This opens the door to significant loss, well beyond the immediate future.

Key insights include:

  • With more employees working remotely, learn why protecting your endpoints should be the top priority
  • Overview of what we have seen so far and recent emerging threats
  • How aligning to MITRE helps with detection/protection/response/hunting activities
  • Understand how to effectively monitor your environments 24×7 in the wake of COVID19 and the transition to a more distributed workforce
  • Be sure you are meeting your obligations to protect client information in the face of diminished staff capacity


The Rise of Destructive Malware

Speaker: Greg Foss -- Senior Threat Researcher at VMware Carbon Black

Technology is becoming more and more intertwined with the physical world around us. With the possibility of controlling our homes, businesses, and even major infrastructure autonomously, we are increasingly dependent upon technology to help us do activities in our daily lives. In this session, we will take a look at the history of physically destructive malware and the increasingly-complex modern attack trends and advancements being made in this ever-expanding underground community. This session will be fueled with unique attack data from VMware Carbon Black. We’ll explore the actors behind critical infrastructure attacks, uncover the details about how they run their global operations, and help you prepare for what’s to come.


Reducing the Cybersecurity Skills Gap with MITRE ATT&CK

Speaker: Sanara Marsh -- Solutions Engineer at VMware Carbon Black

Security teams can benefit not just from implementing rules, but also understanding the TTP’s behind how the malware works—especially with those TTP’s aligned to MITRE ATT&CK. This talk covers how to use the MITRE ATT&CK framework for mapping malware and its TTPs to more easily prevent, detect, and respond against today’s threats using a powerful cloud platform.


BlueKeep: Are You Ready for the Next Level of Threats?

Speaker: Taree Reardon -- Threat Analyst at VMware Carbon Black

In an ever evolving threat landscape your security team is your first line of defense against new and emerging threats. One such threat, a newly released remote access exploit, was recently detected and analyzed by VMware Carbon Black’s Managed Detection team. Known as BlueKeep, this exploit can allow attackers access to your environment to freely perform credential scraping, data exfiltration, and more. Join our Threat Analysts as they explain the background on this threat, how it can be used against organizations, and how to defend against it.

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