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COVID-19: Cybersecurity Community Resources

COVID-19: Cybersecurity Community Resources

Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) has thrust personal safety and security into the public’s consciousness in an unprecedented way. Families, employees and global businesses have been forced to upend their lives to make their respective communities healthier and more resilient.

Our collective response to COVID-19 is critical to our long-term safety. A key component to this response is recognizing that, despite the global recommendation for social distancing, we still function and thrive as communities.

To that end, we are turning to our strongest asset – the VMware Carbon Black community – to help guide the families, teams, companies and communities that make our world so great. While software may contribute to the long-term solution to COVID-19, we know it’s not the only thing that matters. Knowledge is key.

This post is NOT a veiled attempt to push your organization toward purchasing more security software. It is to provide resources that drive you toward information that can make your life and your own community stronger.

Reputable Sources for COVID-19 Information
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – Situation Summary 
COVID-19 – What You Need to Know 
World Health Organization – Coronavirus Updates 
University of Chicago Resource Page 
Johns Hopkins Tracker 

VMware Carbon Black Cybersecurity Resources 
Video: How to Spot a Phishing Email 
Message from VMware CEO on COVID-19 
3 Three Ways to Mitigate Your Phishing Risk 
Enable Remote Working 
What’s So Dangerous About Spear Phishing? 
The Healthcare Industry Seeks Cybersecurity Remedies
COVID-19 Cybersecurity News 
Social Media Networks Issue Joint Statement on Disinformation Campaigns 
HHS targeted by hackers as it responds to novel coronavirus, COVID-19 pandemic 
Experts at the NCSC have revealed phishing attacks exploiting worries over COVID-19 
State-sponsored hackers are now using coronavirus lures to infect their targets 
Millions of tweets peddled conspiracy theories about coronavirus in other countries 

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