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I help imagine, design, build and deliver innovative enterprise-class security products with entrepreneurial pace and passion; and with deft application of experience in product architecture, distributed design and system software implementation. As chief architect, I lead our R&D initiatives and help product engineering develop defenses against tomorrow’s cyberattacks; evangelize best practices and applications with our customers, sales and services; and guide our vision, roadmap and technical strategy in collaboration with product management and senior leadership. Previously as endpoint point man, I built and led—with both sleeves rolled up—the teams developing security software for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Prior to Bit9, I've worked across a wide range of technologies and companies including virtualization at Microsoft, secure and resilient systems at SEI, exascale storage virtualization at Cereva, fault-tolerant systems at Marathon, Internet search at AltaVista, and enterprise networking at Digital Equipment Corporation. I studied at Carnegie Mellon (M.S., ECE) and Fitchburg State (B.S., CS) and have a peculiar fascination with all things connected and emergent—social, neural, biological, technological—and how we model and analyze them. Find some of these threads in my thesis An Emergent Model of Immune Cognition ( I’m a chili head, beer brewer, Scotch drinker, coffee aficionado, ESL and literacy tutor; love to run in the summer and ride in the winter; listen to five decades of jam and jazz; and live with my wife, Trudi, and our two boys, Nathaniel (9) and Quinton (5), outside Boston.
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