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Cb Response 6.2 Server Configuration Guide (cb.conf)

Cb Response 6.2 Server Configuration Guide (cb.conf)

This document describes the contents of the cb.conf file, the primary configuration file for Cb Response, for versions 6.2.0 and 6.2.1. By changing the values of parameters in cb.conf, you can change the behavior and performance of Cb Response.



Before editing the cb.conf file, you should be sufficiently familiar with the features and operation of Cb Response to decide about when and whether to change its configuration. For details about using Cb Response, refer to the Cb Response User Guide​​.

This document is for server versions 6.2.0 and 6.2.1. Please see the Cb Response 6.2.2 Server Configuration Guide if you are using that version.


Updated:  June 2018 (added missing BanningEnabled setting on p. 76; made other minor corrections)

Updated: March 2018 (added EnableExtendedApiAuditLogging on p. 18 and CbDiagTempDir on p. 68).

Original 6.2 Document Date: November 2017


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Question : Is ther a parameter to control "Isolation" feature ? If is possible to disable isolation without disabling "Live Response" ?


I do not see parameter for Banning hashes in this document :


It was documented in version 5.1.0 of this document. We use this parameter and it still works ...


It appears that the BanningEnabled setting was dropped from the cb.conf guide several years ago, between versions 5.1. and 5.2. You are correct that it is still a legitimate setting, and we will restore it to the guide.

I asked the development team about controlling the isolation feature separately, and from what I have been told this is not possible right now. But I passed the comment along to our product team. It might also be helpful to post the request to the "Idea Central" forum.

Thanks very much for the report!

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