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UPDATED: PSC 3.2.1 macOS Sensor Release and 10.14 Mojave Support

UPDATED: PSC 3.2.1 macOS Sensor Release and 10.14 Mojave Support

In preparation for Apple’s latest macOS 10.14 Mojave on 9/24, the PSC Mac sensor team would like to share our plan for the upcoming PSC Mac Sensor Version 3.2.1 release, which includes 10.14 support as well Mass Sensor Management and Installer PKG Whitelisting.

The final beta build is available for download NOW on UEX, please click on the link below to download this file:

This is NOT our final GA build, but it is a build that we have high confidence in and have tested thoroughly against all of Apple’s 10.14 beta builds, including the most recent beta; historically, there is usually very little change between Apple’s final betas and GA versions. It will not be available on the CbD Web Console, only for download on UEX. We recommend that customers use this beta if they have a need to do early evaluation of MacOS 10.14 GA in their environments on 9/24, but discourage wide distribution until the official release of the 3.2.1 macOS Sensor following the rollout schedule.

We will then be deploying the 3.2.1 macOS PSC Sensor to production environments after completing final smoke tests of the Apple GA build of 10.14 Mojave. Again, we have been testing diligently against all betas of 10.14 as they have been made available and do not anticipate any issues, but want to complete this final round of testing to insure a smooth, safe transition for customers.

What happens if you don’t upgrade to the new 3.2.1 sensor before upgrading to 10.14?

If you do not upgrade to the latest 3.2 sensor before upgrading to 10.14 Mojave, the sensor will go into bypass mode, exposing your endpoint to vulnerabilities.

Again, this is a beta build and NOT the final GA build.

We do NOT advise you continue running this build after we release the GA - please update to the GA sensor version when it is available to you.

Release notes can be found here: 3.2.1 macOS Release Notes​. Note: The checksums are for the (GA build) not for the beta build.

Please report any issues you find in the beta version using this issue tracker discussion​ instead of the normal methods.

After the build goes GA, please report any issues to Support as usual.

The rollout of the new sensor to all production environments will be completed by 10/4, approximately a week and a half after the Apple GA:















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Defense version 3.1+ required a kext re-approval because the developer ID changed, will the new PSC version 3.2+ also require a kext approval?  Or is the same developer ID being used for both?

Hello bogartusmaximus​ , It is my understanding that the new developerID will be with us for some time to come. So, if you have already whitelisted that, you should be fine.

HOWEVER - As with all software and systems, we encourage you to test 1-2 samples first, before deploying organization-wide :-)  This article provides additional info that may be helpful: macOS 10.13.4 Kext Approval Changes

Thank you for confirming that the developerID will not be changing.  I found this link, KEXT Approval Required for CbD 3.1 Release , to be useful as well.

Hi bogartusmaximus​!​ is correct.

The new 3.2 sensor requires KEXT approval to run upon a fresh sensor installation as well as an upgrade from 1.x or 3.0 sensor versions, but is not needed if upgrading from the 3.1 sensor version.

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