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How to Add Users to Your Group

Note: partners should not be added to client support groups and clients should not be added to partner support groups. Additional detail on the client - partner case management workflow here.

There are two ways to get to the group invite page in order to invite people to join your group. Note that only group admins can invite new members.

The person being invited must have an active UEX acct that has been approved and the email on the account must be verified to accept the invitation.  

Method 1

Go to the home page of your company's private group and use the ellipsis to drop-down the options and click on "Invite members" per the screenshot below:

invite members.PNG


That will bring you to the screenshot below where you can invite any team member by username to join the group.  You also have the option to include a message with your invite if you'd like as well as invite them as a Group Admin or a Group Member.  

NOTE: you cannot invite users by email, you must invite them by their username.


Method 2

Navigate to your group. Click here if you need assistance doing that.

Once on your group homepage click the View All link at the bottom of the group members list.



On the subsequent screen, click the blue Invite members button.



On the next screen, type the username of the individual you would like to invite in the Send to field (NOTE: you have to invite users by username, not email address.)  You can also choose the role you want to grant them upon joining (GroupAdmin or GroupMember) and include an optional message if you'd like.  Then click Send Invitation.


Both of the above methods will send the invite to the recipient's email associated with their User Exchange account as well as send them a private message within the community.  Private message can be accessed by clicking the envelope icon at the top right of every page.

If you have any issues inviting a new member, please email

Please note: the above is the Community Team email alias and the Community Team cannot provide product support.

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