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App Control: How to Find the Host ID of an Agent

App Control: How to Find the Host ID of an Agent


  • App Control Console: All Supported Versions


To find the Host ID of a App Control agent.


  1. Login to the App Control console.
  2. Navigate to Assets > Computers.
  3. Under the "Computer Name" column, click the hyperlinked name of the agent.
  4. The host id will be listed In the browser URL bar.
    • Ex. https://<Server>/host-details.php?host_id=2

Additional Notes

  • The Host ID is used when configuring agent configurations and for macros within rules.
  • Setting the Host ID to 0 means all devices will receive the configuration.
  • If the 'View Details' button on the Computers page is clicked instead of the hostname hyperlink, the HostID will not display in the address bar.

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