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App Control: How to Free Space in the DAS Database

App Control: How to Free Space in the DAS Database


  • App Control Server: All Supported Versions


To free up space in the DAS database.


Warning: Ensure there is a full backup of the das database before proceeding and before each additional step
  1. Changing the database recovery model from "full" to "simple" can reduce size:
  2. Confirm DailyPruneTask is running each night:
    select task, delay_before_next_exec, last_exec_time from dbo.scheduled_tasks;
    -- Confirm has a last_exec_time within 48 hours
  3. Manually running the DailyPruneTask stored procedure can help reduce size of database
  1. Considering setting "Old Computer Cleanup":
  2. Lowering the event retention settings can reduce size:
  3. Pruning 0 prev files can reduce size of database:
  4. Running FilenamePathnameReseed_X.X.X.bat can reduce size:

Additional Notes

Warning: The das database does not automatically run a "shrink" after information is removed. A "Shrink" will need to be ran to get the unused space back:

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