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App Control: How to Migrate a Server Installation (Single Tier)

App Control: How to Migrate a Server Installation (Single Tier)


  • App Control Server: All Supported Versions
  • Microsoft Windows Server: All Supported Versions


How to migrate the App Control Server to a different application server.


  1. Make a full backup the DAS database.
  2. Backup the Agent Communication Certificate.
  3. Backup the IIS Certificate.
  4. Power down, rename, or otherwise "quarantine" the old application server (to prevent any networking conflicts).
  5. Move the full database backup to the new SQL Server.
  6. Setup and install App Control on the new server:
  7. Verify the ability to login to the Console.
  8. Verify the Agents are connecting.

Additional Notes

After you have verified the Console is working on the new application server be sure to remove the old App Control Server software:
  1. Login to the App Control Server as the Service Account.
  2. If the App Control Agent is installed on the server, set it to a Disabled mode
  3. Navigate to Start > Run > type “appwiz.cpl > click OK.
  4. Programs and Features will open
  5. Find and select "App Control Server"
  6. Click "Remove" or "Uninstall"
  7. Wait for uninstall to complete

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