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App Control: How to Upgrade an App Control Server

App Control: How to Upgrade an App Control Server


  • App Control (Formerly CB Protection) Server: All Supported Versions
  • Microsoft Windows: All Supported Versions


To upgrade an App Control Server installation.


Prior to proceeding with the steps below please review: App Control: Supported Upgrade Paths
  1. Download the latest server installer from: Product Announcements
  2. Make a full backup of the DAS database: How to Backup a SQL Database
  3. Allocate 3x the size of the database as free disk space on the partition where the database files are located
  4. Adjust the growth restriction for database tables (see Migrate.sql failed during database upgrade because the Primary filegroup in tempdb is full)
  5. Login to the App Control Server as the App Control service account.
  6. Make sure the App Control Agent and any AV products are disabled during the upgrade
  7. Make sure SQL Agent and Backups/Scheduled Tasks are disabled during the upgrade as they can cause a lock on the database, resulting in longer upgrades and failure.
  8. Stop the App Control (Bit9/CB Protection) Server and Reporter services
  9. Perform upgrade
  10. After upgrade, proceed to install rules and agent packages:

Additional Notes

  • Beginning with version 8.1.4, use the server installer program (ParityServerSetup.exe) for all upgrades unless otherwise directed by VMware Carbon Black representatives. There is no longer a separate installer for patch releases and hotfixes.
  • For upgrades prior to 8.1.4:
    • Minor upgrades such as 8.0.0.x to 8.0.0.x should use the Patch Utility.
    • Major upgrades such as 8.0.0.x to 8.0.1.x should use the Full Installer
  • Some upgrades require a reclassification of rules. This takes place automatically after an upgrade, the console could be down for 5-30 minutes on average while this classification takes place.
  • During the server upgrade, the agents will continue to function and hold on to any file or event reports until the App Control server is back online.
  • During the server upgrade, the App Control Console will not be available.
  • For more detailed instructions, please refer to the "Server Installation Guide" for the version being upgraded to.
  • For upgrading the App Control agents, please see the relevant user guide for the version installed. 

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