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Carbon Black Cloud: How To Change ConfigProps Via cfg.ini

Carbon Black Cloud: How To Change ConfigProps Via cfg.ini


  • Carbon Black Cloud Sensor: and Higher
  • Microsoft Windows: All Supported Versions


How to enable ConfigProps locally via the cfg.ini file 


Note: If you have RepCLI enabled please use this KB
  1. Enable bypass mode on the sensor from the PSC Console
  2. Navigate to cfg.ini file and open with Notepad
  3. Add the ConfigProp name and desired value in the format:
  4. Save changes to cfg.ini with "Save As" option; maintain the same file name and select a destination outside of the original cfg.ini directory
  5. Move the old cfg.ini file out of the original directory and keep as a backup
  6. Move the new cfg.ini file with the ConfigProp entry into the original directory
  7. Reboot the machine
  8. Disable bypass mode

Additional Notes

  • Configprops in general are items similar to installation switches ex. Debug=1,CurlCrlCheck=false and other configurable items that the sensor can load at start time.
  • With the sensor it is now possible to write / save Configprops to cfg.ini
  • Configprops can also be specified at install time as part of the install string
  • When the Rules Management System is deployed later this year these changes can be made via the console

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