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Carbon Black Cloud: How to export Admin Users via cURL

Carbon Black Cloud: How to export Admin Users via cURL


  • Carbon Black Cloud Console: All Versions
    • Audit and Remediation (CB LiveOps)
    • Enterprise EDR (CB ThreatHunter)
    • Managed Detection (CB ThreatSight)
    • Endpoint Standard (CB Defense)
    • Endpoint Advanced (CB Defense + CB LiveOps)
    • Endpoint Enterprise (CB Defense + CB LiveOps + CB ThreatHunter)
  • Machine able to run cURL commands


To export the list of Administrators from Settings > Users via cURL as a workaround to not having an Export button/link built into the Console on the Users page


1. Create API Key
  1. Log into Console
  2. Go to Settings > API Keys
  3. Copy Org ID (top-left, <OrgID> below)
  4. Click 'Add API Key' button
  5. 'Add API Key' modal/pop-up appears
  6. Enter name for easy identification
    Example: General_Export_From_Console
  7. Set Access Level
    Access level: Custom
    Custom access level: View All
    *Warning message can be ignored:
    This permission set may contain unversioned APIs. Visit developer.carbonblack.com for all currently supported/versioned APIs.
  8. Enter Description as desired
  9. Click 'Save'
  10. Copy API credentials displayed (<API_ID>, <API_Secret_Key> below)

2. Export Admin Users
  1. Log into machine able to run cURL
  2. Run API call to export the data
    curl -H X-Auth-Token:<API_Secret_Key>/<API_ID> https://<Dashboard_URL>/appservices/v5/orgs/<ORG_ID>/users
  3. Save data to file as desired

Additional Notes

  • The API above (.../appservices/v5/orgs/<ORG_ID>/users) is an unofficial and unsupported API which is used to populate information for the Console UI and is not supported for use as a standalone API
  • Being an unsupported API means the specified route/endpoint could be changed at any point and without notice
  • The Role (adminRole) will be displayed as DEPRECATED, as the API has not been updated to work with newer Admin Roles (Level 1/2/3 Analyst, Super Admin, and others)
  • For ease of use, there are a number of options available online to convert JSON files to CSV using Python, Java, etc.

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