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Carbon Black Cloud: What are the Types of Installation Codes

Carbon Black Cloud: What are the Types of Installation Codes


  • Carbon Black Cloud Console: All Versions
  • Endpoint Standard Sensor: All Versions


When installing the CBC Sensor what are the different codes that can be used?


  • The Company Code is the code used to push installation to multiple devices within customer's organization. It is a 8-bit code, which is unique for every organization. When pushing installation, Company Code will the flag directs new sensor into their organization, and it will not expire unless new Company Code is generated. The Company Code is found in the CBC Console here.
  • The Activation Code is the code to install sensor individually. It is unique for every new install invitation. When doing individual installation, the Installation Code will be delivered within the invitation email from CBC console, and it is unique for every install invitation sent to users. Activation Code will expire after 7 days. The steps to obtain the Activation Code are here.

Additional Notes

The 3.6.x and Higher versions of the sensor will accept the Company Code for attended installation

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