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EDR: Enable Verbose Logging remotely on Windows sensor

EDR: Enable Verbose Logging remotely on Windows sensor


  • EDR Sensor: 5.x and Higher (formerly CB Response)
  • EDR Console: 5.x and Higher
  • Microsoft Windows: All Supported Versions


  • How to enable verbose user and kernel-mode logging remotely via CB Live Reponse.


  1. Back up the registry prior to enabling logging
  2. Remotely enable verbose logging:
    • Establish a CB Live Response session with the endpoint
    • Enter the following two commands within CB Live Response:
reg add HKLM\Software\CarbonBlack\config -v DebugLevel -t REG_DWORD -d 7
reg add HKLM\Software\CarbonBlack\config -v KernelDebugLevel -t REG_DWORD -d 7
  • The registry setting will not take affect until the user-mode sensor service is restarted
execfg cmd.exe /K "sc control carbonblack 203"
  1. Reproduce the issue
  2. Collect logs: 
  1. Disable verbose logging in Live Response
    • reg delete HKLM\Software\CarbonBlack\config /v DebugLevel /f
      reg delete HKLM\Software\CarbonBlack\config /v KernelDebugLevel /f
      execfg cmd.exe /K "sc control carbonblack 203"
  2. Upload the diagnostics to the CB Vault

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