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EDR: How To Purge CbEvent (Process) Data in 6.x and Higher

EDR: How To Purge CbEvent (Process) Data in 6.x and Higher


  • EDR Server: 6.x and Higher


How to purge event process data from the Solr database in EDR 6.x and higher.


 Warning: This will irrecoverably remove data from the server. After removing this data, users will receive a 404 page when attempting to view Alerts and process data will no longer appear in Process Search

  1. Determine which core should be removed, typically the oldest core
curl "" | grep name
  1. Manually unload the core from the command line where <core_name> is the core to be unloaded
curl "http://localhost:8080/solr/admin/cores?action=UNLOAD&core=<core_name>"
  1. Verify the core is unloaded, substituting <core_name> with the name used above
curl "http://localhost:8080/solr/admin/cores?action=STATUS&indexInfo=true&indent=true&wt=json"  | grep <core_name>
  1. Once the core is unloaded, remove the <core_name> files
rm -rf /var/cb/data/solr5/cbevents/<core_name>

Additional Notes

  • If Solr is not running, cores can be removed without manually unloading the file first
  • Unloading a core but skipping step 4 and leaving it in the directory will mean that Solr will not purge this data. Leaving an unloaded core on disk can greatly reduce retention
  • The cbevents data is held in /var/cb/data/solr5/cbevents/ as 3 day rollover cores by default. If the default storage path has been changed, the path in step 4 will need to be altered to match.

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