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EDR: How to Update the Server license

EDR: How to Update the Server license


  • EDR Server: 6.x and Higher



Update an EDR license


  1.  Navigate to Administration -> Settings -> License 
  2.  In the "Apply New License" text box, paste the entire license text blob that includes the header and footer. For example: 
-- --- BEGIN CB LICENSE --- -- 
-- --- END CB LICENSE --- --
  1. Click "Apply License". 
  2. Allow 5-10 minutes, then verify that the new license is applied successfully in the "License Information" view from Administration -> Dashboard. 
  3. If in a clustered installation and on a version before v5.0 Patch 1, copy the license file from the Primary server to each of the Minion nodes manually:


Additional Notes

  • Note: If either the "BEGIN..." header and "END..." footer are not included, the license will fail to apply with the popup messages: 
Incorrect license. Unable to apply.  Server error due to malformed syntax
  • The incorrect license message will appear if trying to apply an APP Control License to EDR
  • Other licensing related messages are written to the log: 
  • If the license doesn't apply properly try opening the license file in a different program

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