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EDR: How to export more than 1000 results to .csv file

EDR: How to export more than 1000 results to .csv file


  • EDR Server: 6.x and Higher
  • EDR Console


  • How to export more than 1000 results to .csv from the EDR console


  1. Edit the cb.conf on all cluster nodes
vi /etc/cb/cb.conf
  1. Add the value 'SearchExportCount=40000' to the bottom of the cb.conf file and Save
  2. Restart services-

Additional Notes

  • 40000 appears to be the limit that the product can currently support for export without causing a performance impact. Going higher than 40000 could negatively affect the EDR cluster
  • The configuration change applies to Binary Search, Process Search, and Triage Alerts results.
  • The number of rows exported for a large search depends on (1) the server's specifications of CPU and RAM to process the new large export, and (2) your local system's resources available to your browser.
  • For Hosted EDR please open a case to request a config change up to 'SearchExportCount=40000'

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