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EDR: How to get an API Token From the UI

EDR: How to get an API Token From the UI


  • EDR: 6.x and Higher


To get an API Token from the UI for use with the API


  1. Log into the EDR instance and click the name of the logged in user in the top right corner.
  2. Click My Profile from the dropdown
  3. Click API Token on the left hand side
  4. Copy the API token from the textbox

Additional Notes

  • Note that each user receives their own, unique API token. This token has the same power and privileges attached to the user and does not expire; so protect it like a password! If the API token is compromised, generate a new token by clicking the Reset API Token button; this will also revoke the old, compromised token so it can no longer be used to authenticate to the server.
  • Note that if unable to access content with the API, the user may not have permissions to do so. If unable to access a page in the UI, the user will not be able to do so via the API.

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