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EDR: How to upgrade a clustered server environment to the latest version

EDR: How to upgrade a clustered server environment to the latest version


  • EDR Server: 6.x and higher
  • Clustered server environment 


To upgrade a clustered, on-prem EDR server environment to the latest version.


  1. Log onto the CLI of the master server.
  2. Stop the CB EDR services:
# /usr/share/cb/cbcluster stop
  1. Modify /etc/yum.repos.d/CarbonBlack.repo, set it to a value based on the latest Server Cluster Management Guide as of 6.5 the value is:
  1. Get the latest yum repository:
# yum clean all
  1. Run:
# yum update cb-enterprise
  1. If prompted to execute the upgrade script, run:
# /usr/share/cb/cbupgrade
  1. Follow all on-screen instructions to complete the upgrade. 
  2. Repeat steps 3-7 on all minion nodes in the cluster.
    1. Each minion needs to update cb-enterprise
    2. Each minion may need to run the cbupgrade script.
  3. From the master server, start the CB EDR cluster services:
# /usr/share/cb/cbcluster start

Additional Notes

  • Prior to upgrading, verify your Linux OS is compatible with the latest version of EDR. 
  • A backup of the EDR Server is recommended prior to upgrading.
  • Refer to the VMware EDR Server/Cluster Management Guide for other important details on the upgrade process.

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