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Endpoint Standard: How to Test Sensor Connectivity to CB Update Server

Endpoint Standard: How to Test Sensor Connectivity to CB Update Server


  • Carbon Black Cloud Console: All versions
    • Endpoint Standard
  • Endpoint Standard Sensor: 2.0.x.x and Higher
  • Microsoft Windows: All supported versions


Test Sensor connectivity to the Carbon Black (CB) signature update server 


The Sensors are directed by the default Policy setting to contact http://updates2.cdc.carbonblack.io/update2
  • ping and nslookup can be run against updates2.cdc.carbonblack.io
  • Use a web browser to download the master.idx file to check for access denied errors 

Additional Notes

  • These tests apply to Windows machines only as the local scanner is not available on other platforms
  • While the above tests confirm basic connectivity, there may still be issues with transfer of larger files through the local network
  • Ensure there is no packet inspection of traffic between the Sensor and CB's update server performed by firewall or proxy
  • Support for signature updates over https was added beginning with Sensor version, so testing connectivity over https may prove useful

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