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How to Collect a HAR File and HTTP Error Logs Using Microsoft Edge

How to Collect a HAR File and HTTP Error Logs Using Microsoft Edge


  • Microsoft Edge: All Supported Versions


Capture diagnostic logs from a web browser for UI troubleshooting using Microsoft Edge


  1. Open the Microsoft Edge browser
  2. Press F12 to open the debug pane
  3. Clear the session history before reproducing
    • To clear the session history press the button indicated by three lines and a red "X"
  4. Press the play button at the top left of the debug pane to start recording
  5. Reproduce the issue
  6. Press the red square to stop recording
  7. Export the results as a HAR file by pressing the save button (floppy disk icon)
  8. Check for and save HTTP Error details
    1. For any errors observed above, note the Request URL and HTTP error number (4## or 5##)
    2. Select the Console tab
    3. Locate the error number tied to the Request URL
    4. Right-click matching error and click "Save As..."
    5. Set name of file, including at least HTTP error number, and save file to your computer
      Original filename:
      Updated filename:
  9. Attach the HAR file and HTTP Error file to the case, or use CB Vault if the file is larger than 25 MB

Additional Notes

  • HAR Files under 25 MB can be attached directly to a Carbon Black Technical Support case. 
  • Files larger than 25 MB should be uploaded to CB Vault.

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