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CB EDR sensors & CB App Control agents: Windows Server

CB EDR sensors & CB App Control agents: Windows Server


Support information for each App Control Agent or EDR Sensor is published on VMware Docs as distinct OERs. This UEX page will no longer be updated.

Please use the links in the following table to go directly to the respective OER.

App Control Agent OERs on VMware Docs EDR Sensor OERs on VMware Docs
Windows Agent (on Windows Desktop) Windows Sensor (on Windows Desktop)
Windows Agent (on Windows Server) Windows Sensor (on Windows Server)
Windows Agent (Embedded) Windows Sensor (Embedded)
Linux Agent Linux Sensor
macOS Agent macOS Sensor

These Carbon Black Windows Server sensors and agents are currently supported as Standard or Extended. Standard support includes maintenance releases and technical support. Extended provides technical support only.

For more information, see the CB EDR and CB App Control Product Support Policy and the Carbon Black Product Release Lifecycle Status.

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Hi larry

Thank you for updating to reflect CbP8.1.0 status.

But, shouldn't the Windows Server 2016 support be shown as '8.0.0 - 8.1.0' and not 8.1.0 only?



Yea my concern is same, we also Deployed 8.0 server as well as agents on Windows Server 2016.

You are absolutely right haro​.  Thank you for bringing that oversight to my attention!

I realize it's still in preview but, is CB Defense sensor version 3.2.X supported in Windows Server 2019? 

It would be great if there was a single downloadable file that contained the supported agent information for all operating systems.  

Windows 2003 is not supported by CBr sensors 6.2.1, it is supported up until 6.1.9 with the only condition to (request to) enable TLS 1.0 on the CBr (cloud) server.

Is there a timeframe for when Cb Protection will be supported on Server 2016 Core and Server 2019 Core?

Is 8.1.5 supported on 2003/2003 R2?

@djay and or @gorlando  - 8.1.5 Agent needs reflected in this doc too.


Thank you!

are we supporting windows 2000 server as well

@vijaysingh Server 2000 is not a supported operating system.

I don't see CBP Windows Agent 8.1.6 anywhere, I assume that is supported.

2008r2 and higher is x64 only. Microsoft stopped releasing 32bit versions of Windows Server since server 2008r2 in 2010.

Is 8.1.10 compatible with Server 2003?  We are seeing some issues with upgrading from 8.1.8 to 8.1.10 and would like to ensure it isn't a compatibility issue before taking intrusive measures.

Are "Datacenter" versions considered the same as normal versions?

I guess it is. But "Server Core" versions are mentioned separately in the above table, so I'd like to ask for clarifications on "Datacenter" versions.

Thank you very much.

@cfsup - It sounds like Datacenter 2008 R2 at least does need some special handling.

We have a support case open regarding issues observed with Datacenter 2008 R2 servers specifically, and learned that these should not be running sensor versions newer than 7.0.1. That is something I hadn't seen called out in documentation above, or on similar page

(as of 3/15/2021 anyway... hopefully some clarification is forthcoming.)


As of 1 March 2022, the support information for each App Control Agent or EDR Sensor is published on VMware Docs as distinct OERs. On the respective App Control or EDR documentation page on VMware Docs, you will see the Sensor or Agent OER documents grouped together.

Also of note: The pages related to CB EDR Sensors & CB App Control Agents will remain available but will no longer be updated.

We hope you find the continued consolidation and improvement of our Carbon Black content on VMware Docs beneficial.

What's the 'Windows Sensor Version' range for Windows Server 2008 (non-R2) x64 and x86 ?

The cells are currently blank for those in the Docs, amongst a couple others. They used to be listed on this community page.




@alletejared: At the very top of the page, under "Attention" is a note informing the reader that the content has moved to distinct OERs on VMware Docs.  Please use the respective link to locate the content you require.

alletejared: We updated the OER.  Thank you for letting us know about the issue.  

FYI: There is a feedback button on each page of VMware Docs.  That form comes directly to us.  That is more efficient. :)


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