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CB EDR sensors & CB Application Control agents: macOS

CB EDR sensors & CB Application Control agents: macOS


Support information for each App Control Agent or EDR Sensor is published on VMware Docs as distinct OERs. This UEX page will no longer be updated.

Please use the links in the following table to go directly to the respective OER.

App Control Agent OERs on VMware Docs EDR Sensor OERs on VMware Docs
Windows Agent (on Windows Desktop) Windows Sensor (on Windows Desktop)
Windows Agent (on Windows Server) Windows Sensor (on Windows Server)
Windows Agent (Embedded) Windows Sensor (Embedded)
Linux Agent Linux Sensor
macOS Agent macOS Sensor

These Carbon Black Windows Server sensors and agents are currently supported as Standard or Extended. Standard support includes maintenance releases and technical support. Extended provides technical support only.

For more information, see the CB Response and CB Protection Product Support Policy and the Carbon Black Product Release Lifecycle Status.

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Cool. will share this on Jamf Nation.

omacdougal​ Hi! thank you for updating this page, but the sensor is not yet available as download in the Confer portal?

And looking at Carbon Black Product Release Lifecycle Status it says it is available from 18-10-18

Hi txhaflaire​, we are rolling out to all of our production environments this week. Please see UPDATED: PSC 3.2.1 macOS Sensor Release and 10.14 Mojave Support for the schedule. It should be available for download for all by the end of the week.

Any official updates on MAC-OS 10.14.3 for CB-Response 6.2.2+


It would be great if there was a single downloadable file that contained the supported agent information for all operating systems.  

Can this document be updated for Catalina?

Hi @eric_turpin 

The Mac Protection team is currently working to confirm support for macOS 10.15. Please follow this post to know when we confirm support.



Is there any way to make this page public without a community sign-in? We get questions from our IT Administrators frequently about the support status of new OS Versions and it would be helpful to be able to have them check directly rather than having to print this page and send a copy

hello @afrantz can your IT admins create UEX accts and just check directly?

Thank you -- Ed

EDIT: if yes, they can reg at 

What does the "+" sign mean at the end of a version number, e.g., Mac OS 10.14.6 is supported for Response agent 6.2.2+?  Does it mean agent version 6.2.2 or greater supports that OS platform?


Hi jasonl,

     You are correct, per the note at the top of the page:

"Plus sign (+) indicates all subsequent versions including the version listed".





Hi community,

Will CBER Be compatible with MacOS Big Sur V11 ?



@hamsik007 the 7.0.1-mac EDR sensor is intended to provide support for macOS Big Sur. See post here:

thank you @rklein !!

Does that mean the 7.0.1 can't support Big Sur 11.2.1?

Hi, is Application Control agent for Mac OS 11.0 (Big Sur)  still under testing?

@dkatsiashvili In terms of kext support, our 8.6.0 Mac agent will work with MacOS 11, but our agent which uses system extensions will not be available until later this year. Thank you. 


As of 1 March 2022, the support information for each App Control Agent or EDR Sensor is published on VMware Docs as distinct OERs. On the respective App Control or EDR documentation page on VMware Docs, you will see the Sensor or Agent OER documents grouped together.

Also of note: The pages related to CB EDR Sensors & CB App Control Agents will remain available but will no longer be updated.

We hope you find the continued consolidation and improvement of our Carbon Black content on VMware Docs beneficial.

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