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CB Response 6.3.0 Server Release Notes

CB Response 6.3.0 Server Release Notes

The CB Response 6.3.0 Server Release Notes document provides information for users upgrading from previous versions as well as users new to the Cloud and On-Prem products. It consists of the following sections:


New Features – Describes new and modified features introduced in this sensor release.

Corrective Content – Describes issues resolved by this release as well as more general improvements in performance or behavior.

Known Issues and Limitations – Describes known issues or anomalies in this version.

Contacting Technical Support – Describes ways to contact Carbon Black Technical Support and what information to have ready.


Published: March 20, 2019

Target Cloud GA: March 24, 2019

Target On-Prem GA: March 26, 2019

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It seems current stable repository does not contain CbR Windows sensor 6.2.1 which is required to collect SHA-256. The latest package I can found is cb-sensor-

What is the reason why server 6.3.0 dropped support for sensor 6.2.1?

Good point, noticed the same thing!    ?

@tfunaki  @z470n4  6.2.1 has been inadvertently omitted from that repository.  We will fix that within the next 24 hours.  As an aside, because we introduced some major changes with 6.2.1 (FIPS, SHA256) we recommend customers test prior to a full-deployment in production.   @sdevadoss 

On page 4 of CB Response 6.3.0 Server Release Notes.pdf it references a section “Upgrading the CB Response
Server”.  Is that in another document?  I don't see it in the release notes.


Thank you!

Hi @jmalon 

That is a section of the CB Response Server/Cluster Management Guide located here

Hope this helps.

According to a service engineer I was working with they found a bug with the 6.2 sensor.

@mbinder Can you share more details around the bug ? 

No the engineer mentioned this and I passed it on.  The engineers must know about this start a case.


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