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Cb Response: Preparing Support for RHEL 6.9

Cb Response: Preparing Support for RHEL 6.9

Hi All,

As you may know,  RedHat has made RHEL version 6.9 generally available to users.  The Cb Response Engineering team has performed testing with 6.9 beta versions throughout the RHEL release process and is now in the process of validation with the GA release.

We plan to announce support for RHEL 6.9 soon.  Please follow this post for updates on availability.



Technical Product Manager - Cb Response

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Any plans for RHEL 7 ?

Noticed that 6.1.0 has RHEL 6.9 support.  Any news on 6.9 support for 5.2.6?

It's been almost 3 years since RHEL 7.0 release and a supported version on it would be great.

Time for RHEL 7

Waiting for OEL7

The CbR sensor supports up to RH and CentOS 7.3. The following doc lists all supported OS. Cb Protection Agent and Cb Response Sensor OS Release Support

Michael, We would like the Server to be on 7.3 not the sensor

Indeed ... time to migrate CB Server server to RHEL 7

Any further update on this thread for RHEL 7 support?  It has been over year since the last update on this?

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