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Agent Install Packages not generating after re-install

Agent Install Packages not generating after re-install


  • Cb Protection
  • All versions


  • Package files are not being generated after re-installing the Cb Protection Server
  • hostpkg page in the console appears blank


When re-installing the Cb Protection Server application, it is necessary to add Mac / Linux files necessary for package generation (if those packages are enabled).  If these are not put in place, install packages will fail to be created for all OS versions.


  1. Open the console, and navigate to https://servername/shepherd_config.php
  2. Set GenerateMacInstaller to false.
  3. Set GenerateLinuxInstaller to false.
  4. Windows packages will start generating again.  You can confirm by checking the hostpkg page in the console.
  5. Grab the latest Mac and/or Linux installer from the User Exchange (this site)
  6. Follow the instructions on how to add the agent to the server.   The instructions will include a step to re-enable package generation for that OS once the files are in place.

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