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App Control: How to Run FAPREDEP

App Control: How to Run FAPREDEP


  • Linux: All Supported Versions
  • Linux Agent: All Supported Versions


How to run the FAPREDEP script as provided by VMware Carbon Black.


  1. Download the script here: FAPREDEP
  2. Temporarily stop the Linux Agent process, and unload the module via Terminal:
    lsmod | grep b9k (Take a note of the version number)
    cd /opt/bit9/bin
    ./b9cli --password GlobalCLIPassword
    ./b9cli --tamperprotect 0
    ./b9cli --shutdown
    pgrep b9daemon (Confirm b9daemon is shutdown cleanly)
    rmmod b9k_87816 (Match the b9k version taken from Step 1)
    lsmod | grep b9k (Confirm the module is unloaded)
  3. Run FAPREDEP on Linux device
    sudo ./fapredep.sh
  4. Allow the script to run for the designated 10 minutes.
  5. Collect fapredep.tar.gz from /tmp directory and upload to the Vault for review.
  6. Start the Agent:
    ./b9cli --startup

Additional Notes

  • If collecting FAPREDEP logs on multiple devices, please change the filename to HOSTNAME-fapredep.tar.tz
  • If inotifywatch returns Error 127, the file may need to be copied into the relevant SCRIPTDIR for fapredep.

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