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App Control: How to Setup AD Credential Login with the Console

App Control: How to Setup AD Credential Login with the Console


  • App Control Console: All Supported Versions


How to setup the Console to allow users to login with Active Directory Accounts and get rights assigned to them


To enable use of AD logins on the console:
1. For each AD user account to give console access, make sure to have assigned the account to a mapped AD security group.
2. Log in to the console as admin or any other administrator account that has been created.
3. In the console menu, click on the configuration (gear) icon and choose System Configuration. The System Configuration page opens.
4. On the System Configuration page, click on the General tab. Initially, the settings on this page are grayed out.
5. Examine the Active Directory/LDAP integration box. If AD-based logins already shows as Enabled, make no changes and skip the remaining steps.
6. If AD-based logins shows a value of Disabled, click the Edit button at the bottom of the page to make the settings editable.
7. In the dropdown menu for AD-based Logins, choose Enabled.
8. If the AD Security Groups for App Control was created in a domain other than the login domain for the users who will log in to the console, enter that domain in the AD security domain field.
9. Click the Update button, and when the Confirmation dialog appears, click Yes. It's now possible to use Active Directory login accounts (if from one of the mapped groups) to access the console. 

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