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App Control: Mac Policy .DMG Files Preventing All or Some Package Installers from Generating

App Control: Mac Policy .DMG Files Preventing All or Some Package Installers from Generating


  • App Control (Formerly CB Protection) Server 8.x
  • App Control Mac Agent
  • App Control Linux Agent
  • App Control Windows Agent


  • Mac, Linux and/or Windows Agent installers no longer generating
  • Manual regeneration of the installers does not update packages
  • Console Host Package Page shows Non-Current Date Modified Timestamp
  • Old packages listed under C:\Program Files (x86)\Bit9\Parity Server\Hostpkg\
  • Other OS (Linux & Windows) package generation stalling due to timeout on the DMG creation
  • Disabling of the Mac agent generation allows other policies to build correctly


The cause of this is either a "Stuck" or corrupted temp file. When the DMG file attempts to build, it halts, waiting for the previous file to be removed, which never is


  1. On the App Control server, login as the Service account. A domain administrator may also work, but does depend on the permissions
  2. Open Services.msc and temporarily stop the Cb Protection Server service
  3. Navigate to the folder C:\Users\<ServiceAccountName>\AppData\Local\Temp\
  4. Delete any files with the following names. Please note that the numbers are randomly generated, so #### has been added to represent a number
    • DAT######.tmp
    • POST######.tmp
    • FIL######.tmp
  5. Once deleted, re-start the CB Protection Server service, and the packages will automatically regenerate

Additional Notes

If this is the first time you've generated a Mac Agent package, this is unlikely to be the same issue. Please make sure that all the packages have been updated to the most recent release of the App Control Mac agent.

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