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Carbon Black Cloud: How to Uninstall Windows Sensor

Carbon Black Cloud: How to Uninstall Windows Sensor


  • Carbon Black Cloud Sensor: All Versions
  • Microsoft Windows: All Supported Versions


Provide a list of options to uninstall the Carbon Black Cloud sensor from a Windows endpoint


Below are the options to uninstall the sensor from a Windows machine.
All options require elevated permissions on the system.
The order of options listed below is the recommended preference method.
  1. Uninstall via Endpoints page
  2. Using Programs and Features
  3. Via Command Prompt 
  4. Using SCCM

Additional Notes

If none of the options described in this document properly uninstall the sensor and/or if the device still shows up as Active or Inactive, but not De-registered in Enrollment, please Create a Case in The Community to receive further assistance

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