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App Control: Where To Determine How Many Times a Rule Triggered?

App Control: Where To Determine How Many Times a Rule Triggered?


App Control Console: All Supported Versions


Where can it be determined how many times a Custom Rule has been triggered, or see how often Custom Rules are being used?


  1. Login to the Console and navigate to Reports > Events.
  2. Set the Saved View to: (none).
  3. Click Show Columns to be sure Rule Name is included in the Selected Column list, and click Apply.
  4. If necessary, use Show Filters to limit the search to a specific Source (Computer).
  5. Set the Max Age accordingly (usually best to start with a limited selection such as 12 hours).
  6. Rules can now be sorted by the Rule Name value.

Additional Notes

  • Depending on the total number of Events, setting the Max Age to higher values could cause the query to time out and fail to return results.
  • Use the Group By or Subgroup By to further organize results to determine specific Computers that are generating the most Events, or what Events on Computers are triggering the most.

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